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Pete’s Kitchenwares was founded by Peter K H Chong, who always have a keen interest in cooking. He found out that to be able to cook well, using good and quality knives in the prep-work is vitally important. As the saying goes –


He mooted the idea of setting a shop specialized purely on kitchen knives, after many frustrating years searching for good quality knives in Malaysia and neighbouring countries. Pete’s Kitchenwares was finally established in February 2009 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

From the onset, the company was in the position to meet the demand for high quality knives in the hospitality Industry (Colleges & Universities), restaurants and hotels, as well as the general households.

Our products are imported from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, China and Nepal. The blade of the knife is made of special quality steel, providing sharpness, sharpness retention as well as easy for resharpening. Our signature brand “Sakai” have set high standard in the knife market.

In the area of back up for knife resharpening, we have Japanese whetstones, China whetstones, Natural stones, USA diamond knife sharpener, Taiwan butcher steel and Japanese ceramic rod. We also offer quality chopping block, cutting board, scissors, cast iron wok and polyester canvas knife bag. We distribute renown Japanese brands like – “Tojiro, Yaxell, Masahiro, Hattori, and MAC.”

On top of offering high quality knives and various types of knife resharpening tools, we provide knife and scissors sharpening services at reasonable price.

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